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Writing in the morning

Friends have commented that I am quieter than usual.  I say it’s because of the morning pages to God in the morning and that’s why I am quiet.

But I don’t want to go to Thanksgiving Dinner at friend’s house.  I know the family, I love the food but I have a fiber flare up.  I bought bread to bring but if I don’t feel better than will drop it off.  I have a haircut this day at 1 pm.

The morning pages keep me writing.  I often don’t know what to write but I find that I type faster and I write quickly in the morning.  It used to take me an hour to write 3 pages.  Now it’s half the time.

I started the book on Depression.  I wrote one page but I’ll write more today. It feels good to start on the book.  I have been reading Channeling because I want to channel Dale Carnegie.  He sold millions of copies. I. want to learn more money from the writing.  I am seventy and I need more money to pay the bills.s

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll write next week and perhaps have something more to say about writing.

A blog that I read says that Georgia O’Keefe saw more the rest of us.  I noticed the wind this morning and the chill in the air, it being November.  I noticed the leaves swirling around.  I try to notice the air around. me and the beauty may eyes take it.  Portland is now a city instead of a town it was ten years ago.  I have lived here over 30 years now.

I’ll write next week.  Enjoy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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