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Writing in flow

I found a book, Fearless Writing by William Kenower. He defines all good writing comes from a flow state.  I could agree with that.

I’ve often wondered how to write in flow.  My best poem was written as I surrender to God, and the words just flowed out of me onto the page.

But he talks about getting into that state.


  1. You must have a willingness to be surprised.
  2. I must trust where it will take me.
  3. I cannot worry about the past or the future.
  4. I must exert no effort.
  5. There is no right or wrong in the flow state.
  6. I must not care what anyone else thinks about what I have written.

I wrote thirteen poems in two days using these rules.  And they are good poems.

I used the 6th rule.  I didn’t care what anyone thought about my imagery, the scans, the poems themselves.  And I wrote and wrote.  I guess I am a poet even though I can write other pieces.

The poems that I wrote are good.  I send them to a supportive friend but I’ve sent poems that I don’t think are very good, but I get good feedback from her.  I don’t care if anyone likes the poems that I write.  I do say attention to the 6th rule– I don’t care if anyone else thinks about what I have written.

I also exert very little effort in writing them.  They just flow out of me.  I exert no effort and I don’t care if they are right or wrong.  I am surprised by some of the imagery and the content of the poems.

So I will keep producing writing in flow and I stronger recommend the book. Fearless Writing by William Kenower.


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