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Writer's Block - OverviewAn overview of writer’s block

I am writing my way through Laraine Herring’s book, Writing Begins with the Breath.  She says that writer’s block comes when we are not willing to risk ourselves in the scene,chapter or story.

“When you discover what you are risking, you may “block,” she writes, “Understand that it is not the writing itself that is blocked. The term “writer’s block” shifts the responsibility away from the author onto the writing. The writing is not blocking you. You are blocking the writing. This is a very powerful reframing. If you’re doing the blocking, then you can do the unblocking”.

“The first step when you are stuck is to become aware of what is being blocked. What point have you reached in your work…. Writing has a sneaky way of pushing us out of our comfort zones. We set up our defense then hope for a quick diversion from the center of our stories. But we can’t continue to do that and still be in service for our project.”

Herring has a lot of questions like “What have I left out? Is the story emotionally true?”

There are other reasons for writer’s block.  Many others.  We hope you will find one or more tools that work for you.  I have used hypnosis and it has helped a lot.

Other tools that have worked for me include talking with friends who are also writers and reading books that champion writers.  Actually, I have probably used more of the tools on this website.

I feel particularly good this morning because yesterday I started revising the first draft.  I actually wrote a whole scene and made notes on the scene after that.  Yippee!

Good luck on your writing.  I hope you find on this website the help you need to have a productive, profitable and happy writing career.


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