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Ways to be more creative.

There are ways to be more creative.  I got these idea from the Eureka Factor, an exploration of brain science and what we now know about creativity.  It is a fascinating book and my summary doesn’t do it justice.

Walking in nature is one idea.  The blue and green colors of the outdoors can trigger creativity and Wordsworth and A.E Houseman went on walks every day and came back with ideas for brilliant poetry.

A change of pace is one of the ways to be more creative.  Changing coffeeshops, or writing in other places can trigger creativity.  In a similar vein, changing your routine in any way can stimulate creativity.

Even changing decor of your home and apartment may contribute to creativity.  Also knowing diverse people.  I have just started corresponding with a US marine stationed in Syria. That is definitely a change in people.

Foreign culture can accomplish the same thing.  Going to Rich’s and buying a foreign newspaper and finding a restaurant that serves that food can shake things us and be a way to be more creative.

For breakthrough thinking, or promoting inspiration, it is better not to have a deadline.  For analytic thinking, a deadline is a good thing, but most art is inspirational and a deadline is destructive. In a similar vein, having larger goals is a good idea.  And pretending that the work will be published in China or far away will free one up.

If you are stuck, and one of the exercises above is impossible, then try listening to other music, go to see a foreign film, play chess or bridge of some other game,  dance, do yoga or t’ai chi and or read something different than you usually read.

Of course, getting enough sleep is a good idea.  I  have fibromyalgia and I go to bed very early these days. For inspiration do not write when the mind is sharpest, but choose the exact opposite which for me is early morning.  And I am writing this at 10:30 am and I also wrote two stories for the apartment newsletter this morning.

I’ll continue this thought from the Eureka Factor in the next blog post.

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