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Vulnerability as a writer

The most intimate writing comes from a willingness to be open.  I flunk this test. I am pretty open, in a sense, but vulnerable? Never, I suspect which will tell you a lot about my relationships, subtitled, why I am still single.

The unwillingness to be vulnerable chokes us off from the deepest parts of ourselves, causing writer’s block or any creative block.

The poetry is brutally honest, but there to it comes from a different place,  I think, from vulnerability.

I wonder if the fear of vulnerability can be overcome by sitting with the originalr.  I think I can do that.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

It was far easier to be vulnerable when I was drinking. But drinking was killing me and my writing and I would not have made thirty if I kept it up. But I understand the appeal of alcohol on many, many writers.

But if we get sober in an anonymous program, we probably have a sponsor and do review our lives.  That is vulnerability.  And I have done that when I have shared at conferences. So I know what it is like.

Part of me says there is no need to be vulnerable.  It is a complete waste of time. I’ll have to include that when I sit still with all of this.

Then I’ll tell you what happens.

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