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I’ve struggled to learn how to visualize sharper images.  I was helped with Seeing With the Mind’s Eye years ago and if you can find it, definitely pick it up.

Almost anything that Jean Houston has done falls into the same category.  And I’ve bought and tried any book with Visualization in the title.

For the past couple of months I’ve been using affirmation and one of them is that I write vivid scenes.  Interestingly my dreams reflect a sharper imagination.  Last night, for example, I dreamed that I was seeing an outline of museum pictures, sharply drawn.  I knew what colors to add.

I think I also (finally) got over the idea that if I see things that aren’t there that means I am  pretty crazy.  I had a grandmother die in the state mental hospital.  And my family was definitely not artistic.  So imagination was not valued, but feared.  But I have finally gotten beyond all of that, and can freely exercise my imagination– probably the reason that I finally can see sharply in my imagination.

Using imagery helps me get around vestiges of a writer’s block that came from a lot of different directions in my life.

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