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Using the body to discover imagery

A determining factor in whether psychotherapy can work is whether the patient can report on body sensations during the sessions.  Paying attention to body sensations in a loose way, relaxes the brain, and the brain releases alpha waves.  Alpha waves increase creativity.

I find when I focus on body sensations, images I can use in my writing suddenly appear.  This morning I suddenly got the image of stroking rough wood of the cross.  I haven’t found the rest of the imagery.  But if  I will tune in on the fibromyalgia pain it will probably come to me.  I did find striking imagery when I wrote a poem about the disease itself, when I allowed myself to fully experience the pain and fatigue.

Fighting it makes the mind hyper-focus, causing the brain to become more sensitive to the pain. Accepting the sensations causes the brain and body to relax and lessen the hold on the pain.  It also produces another effect; it causes the brain to release alpha waves, conducive to writing and creativity.  Hyper-focus, which also arrives with anxiety, shuts down creativity.

Alpha waves can also be produced by meditating on space, on nothingness, or the space between things,  according to The Open-Focus Brain by Les Fehmi, PhD and Jim Robbins.

I am using the technique to wind down.  In the alcoholic childhood home, I learned to hyperfocus and became ADHD.  Although I got excellent grades, I got increasingly afraid, culminating in migraine headaches, anxiety attacks and suicidal thinking.  Poetry was difficult to write until I learned to let go.  Then writing became easy.

I am learning to let go again, using this technique, imagining space between things. That makes it easy to write again.  I also realized that I am writing the wrong novel.  I have nearly half a novel written when a friend suggested to write a second  novel first, because it’s subject, terrorism, would probably sell now.

But letting go helped me realize all of a sudden that I need to finish the other book.


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