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Writer's Block - TrapsTraps

The biggest traps are the ones that harm us and take away our creativity. Sometimes they can take away our lives. Addictive drinking and drugging can kill our creativity and, of course, has the potential to literally kill us.

For years, I used alcohol to turn down the fires in my brain and to ease the despair. Luckily I discovered the 12 Steps, the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and prayer. All three helped me stop drinking. It took another 15 years to get to AA– although ten of those years were spent in Al-Anon (same steps). It also helped because ten years ago I was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and medicated properly. My psychiatrist did not give me lithium because she thought it could dim creativity. She herself was a writer and painter.

Drugs like crystal meth are even worse. They destroy the brain by setting it on fire. There is help. There is a 12 step group to lots of addictions. Including sex addiction which can destroy a person’s life. Compulsive spending and debting, and compulsive gambling are also destructive. So is gaining 40 lbs. Again, debtor’s anonymous DA and GA for gambling also work. Dostoievsky was a gambler. His wife understood and gave him an allowance to gamble. He had the ability to stop when the money ran out.

It’s better to use one of the techniques to calm ourselves–look in “a spiritual approach.”

Staying alive and sane can boost creativity–it did in my life. Besides had I not stopped drinking and having sex addictively I would not be alive today. So there would be no novel to work on.

Stay alive.

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