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Using affirmations

For years I doubted that affirmations worked. I tried them. I wrote them on the mirror, wrote them every morning. Nothing worked. But then, gradually, I wrote out affirmations I read or invented that meant something to me. Not formulaic, but personal.

About two months ago, I wrote them all down and edited the list, making sure that the wording was exactly what I wanted. Then I looked around at advice people gave for making affirmations work, including Jack Canfield in The Success Principles. That advice, while I have no doubt works for others, did not work for me.

Then one day, I opened up a yoga book that I have owned for nearly 40 years. The author said that the yoga suggestions required intense concentration, then carefully repeating the suggestion, then waiting for the suggestion to go deep inside the body.

So I tried it and now I find that I truly believe the affirmations that I didn’t believe but wanted to, over the past month. I look forward to saying them every morning.

I do use all three persons— I am a prolific writer; Jason, you are a prolific writer and, Jason is a prolific writer. I do each one three times, focusing, repeating with conviction and then allowing it to sink into the body.

Let me know if this works for you. It has made a very big difference for me.

Some of the best affirmations for me come from Catherine Ponder, a Unity minister that wrote The Dynamic Laws of Prayer and the Dynamic Laws of Healing. She also wrote a dozen books on prosperity. Her affirmations have a marked spiritual component. It works for me, but I realize it might not work for everyone. Her approach is more spiritual than it is religious, so give her a try.

In addition to her affirmations, I made some up for myself. These tend to fluctuate. I use them for a while and they gradually morph into another sentence. Some of these include: I have a rich imagination, my scenes are real for me and I experience them with all my senses. I am self-conscious about some of the others, but if you want to know more about them, let me know.

It’s made a big difference for me to say them slowly, focusing on each one and then letting it sink into my body. I really believe that what I am telling myself is true for me– – and I didn’t think that way a month ago.

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