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The Einstein Factor

This is a totally fascinating book.

There are dozens of really provocative experiments in this book…..

But one of the techniques that is the basis of the book is closing your eyes and saying aloud to another person or a voice recorder every image that you see in your mind’s eye.

It sensitizes us to watching the images in our brains. At any moment our mind is spinning out stories and images that tell us about ourselves and the world we live in.

If you can do this for 20-30 minutes, you may be increasing your I.Q., the authors say. But it is like having a dream available for information and personal growth every few minutes in this process. Also I find it easy to incubate imagery that will help me with the novel or poetry. I find that images are often more powerful than any words I might put down. The images that come from our depths have a power that, at its best, is numinous.

Dreams themselves often give keys to creative breakthroughs whether it is the brownies that dictated Robert Louis Stevenson’s stories each night or led Kekule to discover of the organization of the benzene ring.

If you want to use your dreams directly, suggest that you will remember the dreams and have a pencil and paper by your bed. That way if you wake in the night, you can capture the dream. We often have four dreams per night, although caffeine, alcohol and some medications interfere with dream production.

Otherwise, it may take a few weeks to have the suggestions work, but you will soon have more dreams that you can interpret.

There are a million ways to interpret dreams but if you are using them to enhance your creativity, look for clues in the dream’s content that might give your valuable information. For personal growth, on the other hand, you can pretend you are each person and item in the dream and speak from first person. “I am an eagle flying above the Rocky Mountains” or, an example from my life: today I visualized the Empress Dowager’s rickshaw hidden in a corner of WWII garden with masses of people running by.

It’s how I feel as I age, I realized. The image is someone valuable, beautiful but of another era. Elegant– a trait I do not identify with, although I have gotten feedback that this is true. But it allows me to have a self-image that is protected with time, and is not based on physical beauty or strength or wealth or power.

I have used this power to create advertisement, speeches, marketing plans, poems and stories.  I even used it over the last few days as I began writing the second draft of the novel.

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