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Sentence completions

It helps to fill in these blanks as quickly as you can.  First thought/best thought philosophy which I usually don’t subscribe to, except in this exercise.  Let us know if you have other sentences that help our writing.

My character feels ___________________________.
I feel ___________________ about the character, the story.
The character needs/ wants ______________________ but he’s conflicted by __________ and obstructed by ________________.

Go on the bus, train or go to a coffeehouse and listen to conversations— two-way or cellphone. Imagine the scene, the conflict in another setting. Start writing.

What I don’t want to face in working on this story is _____________________.
I don’t want to write about ________________________
What is working well in this story is _________________ but what isn’t working very well is ___________________________. The things that work best in this scene/chapter/story are _____________________.  What could be improved is __________________.
This character needs to forgive ________________________but can/cannot because _______________________________. How does this forgiveness or lack affect this person’s life?

The character most wants _____________ and is determined to get it by _____________________.  And the reason he/she wants it is _____________.

What are the kinds of myth the characters have created for themselves, the kinds of stories that Byron Katie or Gangaji talk about?

The secret that the character cannot tell anyone is _______________.
What the character most wants to forget is ___________
They are secretly afraid of __________________,.  Also what keeps them up at night?
I resist becoming this character because _______________. One small step I can take to become this character is _________________.

The things that are good in this scene/chapter are ________________/.

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