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Serendipity and Prayer

This is where the story gets a little far out.

So I finished the first draft of the novel and I feel iffy about the ending. It involves the Weathermen in NYC. I knew some of them at Michigan State where the group formed in the summer of 1969. Let’s say I was an interested observer.

But I needed more information about the New York group. So I am talking to a new friend who had a conventional Catholic life. So I asked her if she ever rebelled.

She said “Yes. After I went to parochial school, instead of going on to a Catholic college, I went to NYU. And I joined the Communist Party. Then SDS.”

So I asked her what she did when the Weathermen took over and she replied, “I left. I told them I had enough dogma in parochial school and I wasn’t about to take on another slab of dogma. But I did know the women that blew themselves up in the bombing accident.”

I couldn’t believe it. It was exactly what I needed to do the second draft, coupled with a couple of Paul Tillich’s sermons that gave me language for the minister in the story. Those sermons were popular in the seminaries in the 1960’s so the material is exactly right.

There are more examples but when I pray, meditate, do morning pages and spend time inside, then I get more of these experiences.

Also if I pay attention to dreams but not over analyze it but that’s another subject.

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