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Your future self

This idea comes for a wonderful books on journaling– Journalution by Sandy Grason.

Dialoguing with Your future self:

Write a letter to yourself at 99 years old, saying what you want to accomplish and hope/plan to do.

Then write a letter from your 99 yr. old self to you now, giving you pointers and encouragement to go ahead with your dreams.

Do you have a grandparent that can talk about fulfilling a dream, or the cost of not fulfilling a dream. Sometimes parents can talk about it, but often it helps if decades ripple across our personal histories before we can accept our mistakes without lacerating ourselves. That may be true of a parent, so don’t be too hard on them.

If you can’t find a grandparent, find out if you can visit a senior residence and tell them you want to talk to some of the residents about their dreams that came true, and ones that were lost. In our later years, we are often more honest about our lives and more motivated to tell their story.

If your parents and grandparents aren’t encouraging, then make up an ideal family.  Mr. Rogers and Ellen Burstyn are my ideal parent-figures who get me to see perspective when I’m feeling glum. Try it! It sure beats arguing with critical voices in your head. Get permission to fulfill your dreams– or make it up.

You deserve encouragement, and we should be the last people making fun of our imaginations. Imagination is another way of knowing… it’s powerful, and Albert Einstein agrees with me.

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