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Smells and other scents

Even smells can create works of art….

The German poet Schiller would write with rotten apples in his desk… or he couldn’t write!

Balzac, the great French novelist, would keep garbage in his writing room to remind him of the Parisian streets where his characters lived.

I guess if it didn’t make me high, the smell of burning marijuana would put me right back in 1966. If I could get the scent without the high, I might try it.  (I actually could get a medical card in Oregon which would allow me to smoke marijuana for pain– I have constant pain from an accident– but there would go my sobriety. If anyone knows an incense that could get close to that smell, please let me know.)

Then there’s the smell of tear gas….or the scent of an old lover’s perfume or cologne, or the beach town where you went on holiday or a forest where you made love. Or the incense in a church where you prayed– or made love– but don’t ask me about this, I’ll never tell.

It is easy to find it there are other scents which might stimulate my creative juices– there is a store in Portland, Essential Oils– where you can mix your own cologne. I do. They have dozens of scents you can add to lotions and oil bases. You can get scent sticks and sit quietly and close your eyes and see if anything comes up where you smell one scent or another.
I hope there is a similar store near you.

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