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An athletic approach

Athletes (and others) use visualizations to turn in top performances.

I’ve practiced seeing my writing each day. I used to just have fantasies about publication and subsequent sales of the book. But that didn’t get me to my desk. They actually got me turned upside down about the story.

So instead I practice relaxing first and then seeing myself writing and enjoying it, focused and calm.

The first step is relaxation– from counting breaths to a wonderful hot bath. Aromatherapy, guided visualization, nature or soft music CD’s, candles or yoga– anything that works for you.

The point is to get relaxed and focused, then visualize in detail what a successful writing experience is. How you want to feel, the way you look, any special clothes or talisman, any special music or incense, the touch of your fingers on the keyboard or holding a pen, or dictating into an I-pad.

Aim for ten minutes to start. Enjoy the experience as much as possible.

You may also want to write or say to yourself healthy affirmations about writing.
I love storytelling
I find it easy to write my story (or compose a picture or music if that’s your art).
I enjoy writing and I do it easily and effortlessly.
I find it easy to express the deepest parts of myself in a story.

You get the picture. So make up your own. If you want, you can download some of the hypnotic trances if your block is deeper than you can uproot yourself.


The advantages of exercise are too many to list.  I walk– because nearly everything else triggers a fibromyalgia attack.  But the walking does keep me in pretty good shape and is great for stabilizing my mood, too.  I think better when I am moving and it helps with writing.

How do you exercise and what does it do for your writing?

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