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Writer's Block - ToolsTools

Welcome to the tools section of the website.

This section is full of ideas to get you happily writing.

Here is just three of them:

1) Write the reviews for your book. Really go to town and put them around your writing studio, space or kitchen table.

Think through that you want reviewers to say. It might shape the work you are doing. It will help you stay aware of what is important to you as you shape a work to reach your audience.

2) Similarly, you can design your own cover. Get some cardboard, markers and magazines and glue and have a ball. It will inspire you.

3) Asking yourself why your book is important and why you are the person to write it. Dig and really get real. Pretend you are a great writer. This is not a time for modesty. Your work is important and your life’s work cannot be done by anyone else. So sit and ask yourself why your book is important and why you are the one to write it.

Then check the rest of this section for some really good stuff.

And if you have other tools to help you write, please let us know.

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