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— fun— the only labor union for freelance writers. Join. They offer health insurance to freelance writers.— Poets and Writers.
Many of our friends think this is the best magazine for writers. A treasure trove of resources and information if you are intent on selling your work.

Am Society of Journalists and Authors have a good website (– very helpful— if you are writing screenplays this site is indispensable. (Writers Guild of America)— a lot of really good articles about fiction writing.— I can’t quite make up my mind about this site. Would love your opinion. good advice about finishing your novel how to make friends with other writers also a social networking site and has a measurement tool to keep track of the progress of your writing.

Use this as a model for our blog…’s Freelance Forum
This forum is a place for authors to ask for advice, share advice, and discuss current industry issues. Have a question? Post it here! Somebody will be able to help! Have a success secret to share? We wanna hear it! Found a new paying market? Tell us about it! Note: This is not a place for self-promotion. Listing your book or services in your email signature is fine. Blatantly using this forum to promote you product/service rather than to help others will result in deleted postings and possibly being banned from participation. If you notice abuse of this forum, please immediately contact:

You can publish stuff at but read the instructions carefully. is another place. Let us know if you find others.  A friend has been selling her books on Amazon and the folks at that site will tell you how to publish there.

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