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Writer's Block - Things We LoveThings We Love

We all need each other.  No matter how isolated a writer, he or she is part of a tradition stretching back to storytellers who sat around a fire telling tales to the tribe.

We are also in a fellowship of living artists and writers who bring the contents of the unconscious and the imagination to life in a world that often turns their back on deeper, richer experiences that art points to.

I also needed to learn how to write book and movie reviews, school papers and poetry– which even when I started at age 7 I had already read Romeo and Juliet and the poetry of Walt Whitman.  I read a huge number of plays before I wrote one.  I also learned how to write a good speech (believe it or not, thank you Joseph Goebbels who whipped the crowds up before Hitler spoke.  I know he was evil incarnate, but he was also a hypnotic speaker.)

I needed to learn a library of books to write my novel (first draft).

So here is our section of the books and web sites that have helped us learn what we have learned.

We would love to hear from you about books, audio programs, literature classes, web sites and conversations you have had that have helped you better create your art/ writing.

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