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Staying present

If I stop trying to control myself and everyone around me, I find that it is easier to stay in the present.  I am more relaxed in the group I lead, and much more relaxed when I take care of a friend with dementia on Thursdays.  I was a wreck trying to control him.

And I don’t need to manage the moods of people around me.

The result is that I do stay more present and I am able to stop thinking altogether at times– to give my brain a rest.  This puts me more in touch with my feelings and my body so I am getting more information about feelings and sensations to put in my novel.  Also I am more observant (and feel more loving).

I am beginning to be able to play with words again, rather than needing to control every word in the poem and write something great.  Instead the process is enough and so I am starting to enjoy writing again.

If I enjoy writing, there won’t be any writer’s block.


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