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Heat, bad air but a new mission

Portland is know for its fresh air and rain.  Well, welcome climate change.  We’ve had 50 plus days of no rain at all and weeks for 90º weather.  The air is filthy, too.  Extreme heat makes the fibro pain worse and the exhaustion gets worse too.  I realize that I’m had pain and exhaustion for thirty years.

But during meditation, I realize my life’s work– resurrecting the Social Gospel which was important 120 years ago, and formed the theological underpinnings of the New Deal.

Church attendance is falling and Ayn Rand has more appeal than ever.  Paul Ryan, Clarence Thomas and Rand Paul are all examples of her devotees.  I have been reading her work and she seems to believe she is smarter than any philosopher that ever lived.  She hates Kant, who was used by my friends who were in the underground anti-Hitler movement in Germany in the 1930’s.  She is anti-communist but says nothing critical about Hegel who developed the dialectic and believed in dictatorships.  His student, Karl Marx developed dialectic materialism which was the backbone of the communist movement.  She misquotes William James and other pragmatists and her understanding of Aristotle confuses me.  She appears to actually prefer Plato.

Near the end of her life, when her husband was ill, she applied for and got Medicare coverage for him. This after trashing government services for years. She refused to have anything to do with Nathaniel Brandon after he broke off their affair, although they were both married to other people. Not exactly rational behavior.

I actually want to see the economic message of the gospel retold and work hard to build a compassionate country with people working together and helping one another out, realizing that hard times can come to anyone.

It is difficult to get books on the social gospel but I order two from Amazon, and the library had one and I found one at Powell’s, Portland great bookstore.

I am now reading and researching but soon I will be writing and I’ll keep you up to date.  But I now know why I was blocked in writing the novel.  Because I had to do this first.

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