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Sketch it.

Faulkner drew maps of the county he created for his stories and novels.  Steinbeck was a journalist who wrote about the people he would put in Grapes of Wrath, so he knew the country and he begins most of his novels with a sweeping view of the setting.

When I wrote my play, I had photographs of the setting put up all over the room.  I never had to guess about the setting or the feel of the period.  It was all on the walls.

I know I need to sketch the houses and places in my current novel.  Maps too.  The more scenery and photos I can find that match the time and place, the easier it will be to write the novel.  Tolkien too, I believe had maps of Middle Earth that are included in his novels.

So sketch the map, cut out photographs that represent the rooms you will be writing about.

It will help.  I know it.

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