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Seeing the world poetically

I am reading a book that is changing my life– Heidi Sawyer’s Highly Intuitive People.

She suggests that there is nothing wrong with sensitive people– the people who were called “too sensitive” as a child.  I have always hidden my sensitivity since I was ridiculed as a child for being “too sensitive.” She also says that when sensitive people accept their sensitivity, they often become intuitive, a fancy word for “psychic.”

When I was a therapist, I did allow my sensitivity and I often saw pictures from the client’s life in front of me.  It often created rapport and intensified the  therapy. And when I created ads and press plans, I often withdrew with large pads and crayons and created intuitive and often brilliant plans.  But when my wife left and I lost nearly everything and had been injured– and she told clients I was “crazy” I felt I had been too sensitive and I began to cover it up.  This has slowed progress in my life and has made my professional life more difficult.

So I have been trying to allow myself to accept my sensitivity.  It is frightening.  But I know it is the key to successful writing, to seeing poetically. And I think my play, Under the El, was highly intuitive, strikingly so. I refused to have it produced because I knew I couldn’t write another one.  When I wrote Under the El, I was vulnerable but after the first one, I thought I should know how to write a play and the vulnerability and sensitivity went out of the window and the next play was flat.

So maybe the reason I am writing more poetry is that the move has made me unsettled and more vulnerable.  And vulnerability opens the door for my allowing my sensitivity to peek out and with that, I start seeing the world poetically.  Also I get far more motivated to work on the novel.

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