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Poverty and creativity

It is no secret that the middle class is disappearing in America.  Most Americans will experience poverty in their lifetime and most Americans live with financial insecurity today.  People working sixty hours a week have little or no time to produce art.

Yet great creative periods in history were prosperous– ancient Greece, Renaissance Italy, Elizabethan English, 19th Century America, most of 20th Century America, but not now.

And creativity has nosedived.  The long-term chances of increasing creativity in this country is poor.

This will make getting out of the distressing course we find ourselves on more difficult.

I find it amazing that the very rich– the 1% often doesn’t care about the future of this country.  I guess they can invest anywhere, including Brazil, China and Germany.  But so they want to be rich in a poor country– without a vibrant arts scene?

It is almost impossible to buy classical music in most of the United States. There are few independent bookstores, limiting people’s exposure to new poetry and novels.  Publishers are producing fewer books.  Self-publishing will produce a few success– after all Leaves of Grass was self-published but Whitman spent his entire life promoting that collection.

I see little creative excitement in this town or this country.  And I see little hope for the arts in the United States.

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