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Other ways of focusing

I read for the second time Steve Taylor’s Waking from Sleep.  In it, Taylor describe how certain spiritual states are induced.

The simplest– meditation opens us up to low intensity spiritual states, like finding the world aglow with beauty, to the more intense, of sensing God in everything and our relationship to everyone and every thing in the world, to the most intense where the world shimmers with waves of energy that includes absolutely everything.

I spend most of my life in the first mindset.  Once in a while it intensifies to the second state, and the third and highest state I have experienced only three times in my life.

Watching sports and dance can actually produce these states as does focusing on mostly classical music.  The majority of spiritual events takes place in nature.  Running also does it and many people swear by yoga.

I do spend time in nature, most days. I meditate twice daily.  I do pray, which is not mentioned in the Taylor book, but I think is one of the main doorways to these spiritual states.  Sex, quietness and stillness and hanging out with highly evolved spiritual people can also trigger in us, these psychic states.

The reason that I am writing about this is that one of the results of these spiritual states is experiencing life as a unified and meaningful whole, where no person is a stranger and one can see and feel into people and places and things from the inside.

You can tell the writers that accomplished this– including Tolstoy and D.H. Lawrence.  I suspect many more writers and artists create from this place, but I have no evidence of that.


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