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On Happiness

Writers are often known for their depressions.  But is there anything we can do about it? I’m finding that letting go of everything improves my mood a lot.  Nisargadatta teaches that life goes on spontaneously and we don’t have to put energy into anything.  As whacky as that sounds,  it is working.  I realized I was putting energy into driving, being with friends, etc.  But putting no energy into anything, I have more energy.  And whatever runs the universe is capable of handling things if I need to say anything.  The result is I get much more from relationships, including the love that is expressed.

That can only help writing.  Nisargadatta also says that trying to control things is the way to get lousy results.  It snowed today and I watched Portland drivers go through stop signs, come close to hitting pedestrians.  Clearly they were thinking about the snow and not looking around and letting the unconscious drive the car.  So I knew which cars were going to run stop signs so I slowed down.  I also had fun driving and knew what shortcuts to take.  The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous also says that by letting go we get in touch with our intuition.  That’s true for me.

I am going to try it later for editing and later writing.





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