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Myths that can lead to writer’s block

There are several myths that can lead to writer’s block.  This material comes from Morgan McDonald’s book, Start Writing Your Book Today.

1, Authors have special, God-given, divinely inspired talents that enable them to put words and phrases together effortlessly.  This is obviously false,  Every writer struggles and the first draft is usually terrible.

2.  Authors have a lot of free time.  They get up, have a leisurely day that involves lots of walks, sessions of perusing the bookstore, coffee breaks three times a day, and hours to just sit and think.   John Grisham started when he worked full time as  layer.  Danielle Steel wrote late at night so she could be with her children during the day.

3.  To be a successful author, you have to write every day.  This is a common myth, but you can write one day a week and turn out a book.   You can write three days a week, or every day.  But if you think only writers write every day, you can get blocked the first day you skip.

4. Successful authors get published because they have special connections with agents or publishers, or someone in the know. First time authors have to do their own marketing because publishers back known quantities, authors that sell a lot of books every time they write.  All writers were once beginning writers without special connections.

5.  For a writer to become a first-time author, you have to be willing to spend a lot of money, like tens of thousands of dollars. MacDonald’s advice is to spend $2500-$5000 dollars on proof reading, editing, book cover, etc.  So a budget is required but not nearly the $10,000 and up.

6.  Success writers are rolling in money.  Relatively few published writers have succeeded financially.  You have to write because you believe in what you are doing. Getting an audience that loves your work is easier than selling million of copies, to produce a fortune.

Each of these myths can defeat a writer before (s)he started writing.


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