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Motivate yourself!

You need to be able to motivate yourself to write effectively.  To sit down day after day to write takes tremendous discipline.  You have to be able to motivate yourself.

This article was written by a Chicago psychologist, John D. Moore.  He specializes in men’s issues.  I don’t remember where I saw his article but I am printing it nonetheless.  I will give the right attribution once I find the article.

These are things that get in the way of motivation.

Do you do these things? Here’s how to create positive change

Are you highly motivated? Or do you often feel less than enthusiastic about life? Maybe you encounter momentary zeal and flashes of inspiration that fade fast. If you want to ignite your appetite for living, and make it last, check that you don’t carry out these motivation-killing behaviors.

1. Forgetting your passions

Many people are aware they could engage in activities that bring them joy but don’t truly engage with life. They say they don’t have the time or energy to do the things they enjoy.

They forget that feeding their passion keeps it alive. If you don’t usually do what you love, start now. Get up early so you have extra time and push yourself to engage in much-loved activities, even if you are tired. The result will be boundless energy and increased drive.

2. Doing things you find boring

You have to do things you dislike. Whether you hate taking out the trash, working, or cleaning the oven, these tasks need to be done. It’s your attitude, though, not the jobs themselves that make you bored. You can be enthusiastic about any task if you tackle it with positivity.

Create an incentive to vacuum the floor, weed the garden, or do your weekly shopping. Practice mindfulness, for instance. Focus on your movements, and remind yourself about the benefits you’ll enjoy from being mindful like better concentration, peace of mind, and less stress.

Also, bear in mind the positive results gained from completing tasks. Maybe you will earn money to do the things you want to do or have a clean home when disliked jobs are complete. Place your focus on upbeat thoughts and your motivation will grow.

3. Spending time with naysayers

People who grumble and groan about life, or put your ideas down repeatedly, will kill your enthusiasm. Their gloomy outlook is infectious, so avoid them if possible. When you must be with them, resist the temptation to sink to their level of negativity.

Hang around happy, successful people the rest of the time and their spirit will rub off on you.

4. Neglecting your health and well-being

It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re dog-tired, live on junk food, and argue with your partner every night. Look after your well-being and stay in good physical shape.

Exercise boosts energy as does nutritious food and about seven hours of sleep a night. If your relationship is rocky, improve it or move on–staying as you are will make you ill and unhappy.

Take care of yourself and your motivation will increase – and so will your self-esteem.

5. Not creating your own joy

Do you imagine happiness can be created? Or do you wait for life to make you happy? If you have the former belief, you know you have the power to generate all the positive emotions you want to experience including motivation. People who wait for joy to come to them rather than generating it, however, often lack energy and drive.

The happiest people in the world understand they are in charge of their joy. They improve their well-being and create the best possible lifestyle to boost happiness. They don’t rely on other people or circumstances outside of their control to make them happy. Do likewise and watch your motivation and energy explode.

You might not have as much enthusiasm as you want at present, but you can increase your motivation and zest. Control your happiness and avoid behaviors and beliefs that kill your motivation for greater get-up-and-go.


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