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Twisted Limbs,
Aching Hands,
The Body Poisoned by the Brain’s Pain,
Dirty sneakers,
Defeated, Disgusted and Terrified
The Enemy Within…
Scattered Papers,
Madness, a Mind Tormented,
An Insane Pain
Machine-Gunning the Brain.
A Dagger plunged into the Eye,
Ripped Out,
Stabbed Again.
Palsied Hands,
Frenzied Heart
Fluttering Like a Dove Panicking
In an Eagle’s Talon,
Shaking Open the Medicine Bottle,
Praying for Two Remaining Pills
Outlawed by the USA.
O God,
The Pills are Here..
Hell Postponed For a Day,
A Week—No More.
Then Pain Returns With His Knife and Fork
To Eat My Brain Again.

Jason Reynolds
February 8, 2012

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