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Looking for beauty

This insight made me realize that in discovering tools to relieve writer’s block also have implications for living a happy life.

For example, I made an interesting discovery last week.  The man I take care of didn’t pay his car insurance premium.  The result is I couldn’t drive his car until the insurance was reinstated. So we walked over a mile to the grocery store and back.

I was irritated because the day was taking far more time than it would have if we had the car.  Also I wasn’t feeling very well and I didn’t want to take out my anger on the demented friend.

So I focused on seeing the beauty in everything.  I paid attention to the trees, the rivers and streams that I had previously overlooked.  We even passed a farm with cows.  I had no idea this beauty was present.  The result is I felt fine for the entire day and it didn’t exhaust me as I had feared.


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