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Letting go

I suddenly realized that when I practice letting go, I write more easily.  I am reading a book, Writing as a Path to Awakening.  The author Albert Flynn DeSilver, points out that many cultures practice storytelling, ritual, dancing and singing to engage with the Divine. When I was a kid, I practiced all three.  Even in high school, I danced, journaled, and told stories with friends. Going to the pizza place at night was a ritual for me too.

But gradually as I got older I stopped dancing and singing.  I even stopped journaling and doing lector divine, which is a ritual practice. But in my apartment I can certainly dance and sing.  I can add ritual back again. Storytelling I do in AA to an extent.

Also I read a book that said that beauty appears when we look from our heart.  I did that today when I went for coffee.  Even. the fire hydrant was beautiful and the leaves shaking from fright and the menacing clouds in the sky. Those are all seeds of a poem.

DeSilver also says that as key component of writing is devotion.  I am working on a. problem that has me totally enthralled and it will help the nation, I think, if, of course, if  it sells. I have music playing in the other room, the Shirelles singing one of my favorite songs.  And I can write when listening to music.  I think it helps. Now the Platters, and interestingly I know the words even though I was about seven when the song came out/.

Even singing does free me up.  And I am going to dance later.  I used to play with clay when I was a child.  I actually spoke in therapy last week about my need to play more.  I work a lot but rarely play.  But dancing, singing, storytelling, doing lectio divine and even doing yoga is a ritual, prayer and meditation too.  But I can play with clay.  Chess too, with a book. I tried playing with someone online but it wouldn’t let me make certain moves.  So I deleted the app.

I think that if I play more, I will write. more.   It is worth a try.


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