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I finally have gone back to journaling.  I used to keep journals daily until 1990, when during a divorce, I found my ex using journal entries to damage me in a possible legal battle.

Although she was out of my life within months, I found myself unable to journal  It lasted years and I found myself able to write a little on and off, this is the first time I am willing to write several pages a day.

The result is that I am writing more poetry– about one a day.  I think moving into my depths in writing the journal entry makes it more possible for me to enter into the space where the poems appear.

I also send the poems to a couple of friends.  Having an audience helps too.  When I wrote my play, two friends would come home after work and read the next scene.  It helped a lot.

So journaling and finding a sympathetic audience helps write the poetry.

I lost the drive that has my novel draft on it.  I think it is still on my laptop which was about to fail, but didn’t.  I hope I can find it there.  Otherwise I’ll start all over.

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