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Joournaling..  I started writing a journal as an adjunct to my first therapy at age 15.  Journaling also helped me get over my second or third depression at age 22.  I used the journal as a therapist and it worked.

I was thinking why my therapy since then have been more difficult with fewer results. I am listening to Bellaruth Naparstak’s CD on fibromyalgia which I think is working.  I also took a course at New Renaissance Bookstore on Sunday night.  Something worked because I woke up with energy today as if I didn’t have fibromyalgia.  But sleepy since listening to Naparstak’s CD so it might have been  the course.  Her rates are $360 per half hour which is way over my budget.

Journaling may me realize that I’m not using my heart to see about a relationship with Tom and also doing advertising for a living.

But I also realize I haven’t grieved for the divorce and fibromyalgia, the loss of the business, the loss of income.  Maybe use Lori for that.  I also wrote a lot of poetry when I journaled ten pages a day. I am hoping to discover poems when I journal.

I think I have the time to write a journal for ten pages a day this week and weekend. Let’s see if it will produce the results I got in high school.

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