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Jon H

In the end you get used to the lies, the betrayals, the denials.
The truth shall make you free,
But most people cling to their chains,
While they watch hours of television and spend hours on Facebook
And the web.
You get divorced, find it hard to find the time to see your kids.
You drink too much and pass out at a traffic light.
You hide it better from then on.
You give up your position so your mentor can reclaim it,
But he loses the election,
Betrayed by a national figure.
More lies.
More deceit.
You said I didn’t do projects that I finished,
You ignored the plans and the work.
You approved nothing.
Later, after I lost the business,
I learned you couldn’t read.
But you hid it along with your other secrets,
Finding it easier to blame me.
Your lies will make you bitter, unable to trust anyone.
Your performance will wither,
Your relationships vanish.
Maybe you’ll wake it,
Change your ways,
Get sober,
Who knows? Even learn to read.
But maybe not.

Lies first dim and then extinguish the light.
Then you can’t see anything.
You can call on God. He’ll come.
But if you don’t, it’s a pathetic and lonely ending.
But it isn’t one you haven’t worked hard to achieve.
People that betray other people usually end up betrayed themselves,
Even if it looks like they made it.
We don’t see what they see when they look in a mirror,
If they dare.
Oscar Wilde described it first before he was betrayed by Boise.
Oscar died alone but later beloved, his letter from Reading Gaol a classic.
Boise died stupid, despised.

You learn about it in kindergarten,
That lies just don’t work.

Some people weren’t listening that day.

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