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Internalized parental voices…

We all have internalized parental voices.  That’s how small children learn.

The problem is sometimes those voices are negative and destructive.

When we take a step forward by writing something deeply meaningful, those voices can wake up.  We need to just live through the experience without taking those voices seriously.  They can call us stupid, selfish, talentless, that we are wasting our time and ‘who do you think you are” but the way out of them is through them.

But we don’t have to listen or take those voices seriously.  They were given to us by very unhappy grown-ups that didn’t seek help for themselves.

But to expect us to go into new depths and try new projects without these voices emerging is unrealistic.  If we have that kind of unrealistic expectation, we’ll beat ourselves up when the critical voices come on, or worse, take those voices seriously and sabotage our own efforts.

Neither is healthy, but we can tolerate them without believing them until they pass.  That way we grow past them, slowly but steadily.

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