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I have writer’s block

As many of you have noticed, I am writing this blog less often.   Writer’s block, I suspect.

I have writer’s block myself. That why I am writing less often.  I was on two boards of directors and I left both because I wanted more time to write.

Unfortunately, I ended up in the emergency room on Saturday night with an intestinal blockage.  I learned that either its Crohn’s Disease or cancer. I go in for colonoscopy and biopsy on June 12, 2018.  I had colitis as a young person, severely and I suspect it was Crohn’s all along.  My mother had it, too.

Cancer does not run in my family although I don’t know my biological family’s medical histories. But needless to say, I write less with this medical situation.  But I did quit the boards of directors that I was on to get more time to write.  Also the fibromyalgia and the exhaustion prevented me from writing. It was getting worse, but I started on a ketogenic diet and my knees don’t hurt and I have more energy.

I am using hypnosis. I work with  a psychologist who has mastered hypnosis.  We’ve done it three times and I accept about 65% of it.  It goes up every time.

I created the affirmations that are in the hypnosis trance. They were taken from how I feel when I am prolific.  I have certain quirks that I use when I am writing clear and strong, and those are in the hypnotic trance.  I bought a book of affirmations from Louise Hay and they make sense to me.  I think I will gather some of them and send them to the psychologist who will add them to the trance.

I cleared off much of my desk and cleared off more as I took a break.   I cleared off the keyboard so I can type.  I used to type so quickly on a manual that the secretaries at Michigan State would come and watch me.  I find it harder to write on a computer but I am finding it easier now that I am practicing.

Clearing my desk off was one suggestion in the trance, and the one I was balking at.

So that’s done.  Now if I obey the rest of the suggestions in the trance, I’ll be home free, able to write more blog pieces and the book on depression.

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