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When the barrier between the art and the artist is merged, this is hypnosis.

Jason Reynolds, 2011

Writer's Block - Hypnosis

Welcome to’s Hypnosis section.

Most experts agree that hypnotic phenomena are the synthesis of enhanced, focused attention and improved immersion into one’s creativity.  It is the convergence of these two processes that people seek out, enjoy, and find exciting in so many different endeavors; as diverse as the expression of music, sports performance, the production of art, the enjoyment of media (reading, viewing movies, listening to music, playing games), and simple daydreaming.  Quite simply, hypnosis helps people compose, play sports, paint, and make movies. Hypnosis can help you become a better writer.

Hypnosis is often used in helping people deal with stress.  However, we strongly believe that the mere application of hypnotic tools is not substitute for competent counsel in dealing with personal, emotional issues. Hypnosis is a tool that may be used within a therapeutic context. However it is simply a tool without any direction or benefit of its own accord. If you are experiencing emotional issues we strongly advocate psychological and medical consultation.  Also, if you find any of the audio files to be annoying, disturbing, or simply ineffective, please simply stop listening and we will gladly refund your purchase.

We encourage you to play with is the idea of using hypnotic trance as a way to break free of writer’s block, enhance your writing, and most importantly find yourself in that magical “zone” of total immersion in your writing experience.

Look through the following pages in this section of our website; explorer, experiment, and please offer us feedback as to how our tools influence you and your writing experience.  Thank you.

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