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Getting motivated…

I was having trouble getting motivated.  I was using hypnosis to stop buying books and I discovered in my collection the Success Principles by Jack Canfield and Self-Confidence by Kerwit Rockefeller. They motivated me completely and I started to work on my novel.

The novel idea came when I was in may book craft book.  I said you could base a novel on the news.  Then the idea came to me.  The German Boy.

Hypnosis was also helping to boost my self=esteem.  I found a hypnotherapist who took Medicare and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield.  He is a psychologist and we have a great rapport. I consider him a friend.

Then the suggestions go to m y psychotherapist who is a licensed social worker.  We have worked together for decades, I think.  She is an excellent reader and she reads the suggestions while I take her electric paddles and detoxify the suggestions.

So now I am excited about writing the novel.  I am psyched and I have no trouble getting motivated. I have a map of Germany and Russia at the time of WWII.  That’s when the novel is set at the beginning.

PS I couldn’t charge my phone this morning and at Coffeetime, where I have coffee most mornings, the barista cleaned out the port and then I could charge the phone.  I was all set to go to the Apple Store but he helped me.  So if you are in Portland, go to Coffeetime, where the coffee is excellent and they have treats you can order too.

I am actually astounded at my getting motivated.  I was stuck and I met a guy where I live who is an energy worker and can help me.  But I am so motivated that I can’t believe it.

Onward to the novel.  I’ll keep you posted.

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