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Gay marriage

It seems so simple, two people in love.
Two decades ago, I suggested gay marriage
And got yelled at—“You are trying to force
Heterosexual values on homosexual people.”

They said the same thing
When I said I wanted to settle down with one man,
Sharing an exclusive love,
Not cheating—nor having anonymous sex,
While I was chided that once again,
You are insisting on gay men acting like straight ones,
I was told.

Then sometime, after I decided to stay single,
Not wanting to follow my hypersexual friends
To an early grave—I lost track of the friends
I lost to AIDS. One, silent, kept infecting
His other partners.
Sometime, gay people changed.
Suddenly they were marrying,
Promising to have and to hold until death.

How I’m a senior citizen and probably too old to find someone.
I’m poor and disabled, fortunately I have a wealth of friends,
Wonderful work and my art.
I enjoy my solitude and luckily, it doesn’t turn to loneliness.
Prayer and meditation comfort me.
I read, study. I am as curious as I ever was,
And every lover has cheated, stolen or taken up all my time.
I don’t want to visit anyone else’s family,
Or hide my journal and my checkbook.

The idea of a lover sounds terrific.
But I was never politically correct.
I have always followed my own heart,
I’ll leave this body to science
And meet all my friends in Heaven.

I could use a little more money,
But who couldn’t?
Not bad for an older gay man,
Unmarried– and enjoying it.

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