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Finding time to write

I was determined to find the time to write so I quit two board of directors, one I chaired, quit a book I was writing with a friend, left a writer’s group and felt I cleared enough room to write.

Then I developed a bowel blockage and ended up in the emergency room twice.  The second time they called in a surgeon who urged me to get a biopsy.  Then I saw my gastroenterologist and she looked at me that said I either has Crohn’s disease or cancer.

The biopsy and colonoscopy were three weeks off, and I had to take t5 laxatives a day throughout the waiting period.  Then I had to purge everything out and when i woke up from the anesthesia, I asked if I had cancer.  The doctor said “no, and it’s not Crohn’s either.”

Then it took a week for me to come down from the anxiety.  Needless to say, I did almost no writing.

Then I had to make up for the work I didn’t do when I was sick.  I have a great public relations client and some consulting work and I did very little during this time.  But the last week, I have made up for what I did not do, and I can catch up during this upcoming week.

So in two weeks, I can begin writing again.  I also join a pain program since I have myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia due to a car accident thirty years ago.  It destroyed the cartilage in my neck. So I am taking a pain course which is fascinating and I am learning a lot.  And I saw a physical therapist who specializes in pain, and I took a yoga class that nearly did me in today.  But it was very good and the teacher was expert.

This is a long discussion on why I haven’t been writing more than letters to friends.  But the cleared schedule means I can write in two weeks.

So long.

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