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Finally writing the novel

OK.  I do not fully understand how the block went.  The first draft of the novel was 600,000 words and I wasn’t finished.  I tossed it.  Decided I needed to outline the novel to prevent that from happening again.  But I could not sit down and write it.

Told the hypnotherapist and went back into psychotherapy determined to write the novel.  Last week, ending a ramshackle session with my psychotherapist,  I got up and said by next week I will outline the novel.  And I went back to housesitting house and wrote the outline.   Next day, completed sketches of the characters. Working on the settings and figuring out what the motives for the characters are.

So I am finally writing the novel.

Suddenly know I can finish the novel without doing therapy on it.  I wonder if the determination cut through the block itself. But previously I wasn’t working on it at all.

The outline helps.  I found the old outline and picked and choosed from that.  But have 42 chapters and if 10-12 pages apiece, then in print it will be 300-350 pages. Good size for a novel.

And the crazy thing is I have been busy.  But I am eager to work on the novel.  I did get stuck on the settings but I think that block is also gone.  Finally I am finally writing the novel and when I can tell you how, I’ll be back.

More next time.

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