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Do writers need friends?

Often, writing is seen as a solitary art– but you’d be surprised of how many writers work with other writers in a kind of parallel play.

It turns out that friends can literally save your life.  And get your novel done.  Tasks seem more burdensome when you are all alone.  Friends help put things in perspective.  Also you feel part of the human race with friends– not like some alien that is writing something that probably no one will like.

Thinking of a friend makes us more compassionate towards everyone else. Our characters often need our compassion in order to become real, and not written according to some formula.

And being with a friend makes it easier to be at social events.  Most of us are reasonably introverted and social events, even if mandatory, can be excruciating. But having a friend with you at a event, makes most of the anxiety evaporate.  Unless you live in a shoebox, this advantage of having a friend to go with you to events, helps you stay part of the human family.

Obstacles seem less daunting if you have a friend.  There is nothing like trying to handle a crisis yourself that will make you overwhelmed.  Since we all have problems in the writing and away from it, it helps to have a shoulder to lean on.

In a similar sense, having a friend will make a hostile editor seem a lot less threatening than taking the editor on alone.

Meet up groups make it pretty easy to find a group of writers that want to socialize.  And you can talk about your writing without having their eyes glazed over.



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