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Coming Home to Yourself

Doing stuff that you love…..

Over the years, I have kept a folder titled, “Favorite Things I Love“.

It includes jasmine tea, iced coffee, foreign films, French films with Jean-Paul Belmondo, walking in an industrial section of a city at night, waterfront docks, seedy bars (which I avoid because I am a recovering alcoholic), beautiful graphics, water fountains, watching a river flow by, laying on a grassy field and catching the clouds overhead, a star-filled night when I can see Orion, watching children play, hearing their laughter, finding a new book by an author I love, or never read, oldies, Jo Stafford records, most 20th century music like Shostakovich….

You get the idea.

Why don’t you create your own list and then create time to do some of those things that speak so much to your heart? It doesn’t matter what you choose, be as silly or shallow or complex as you like. The question is honesty. These things feed our souls. For me, a thunderstorm brings me back to myself, or hiking in a forest. But the beach doesn’t particularly unless it is a deserted beach at night. (Thank God for Oregon where we can find those beaches!)

Your turn. Let me know how it goes.

Life as a Waking Dream“, by Diane Kennedy Pike offers a clever way to provoke your creative spirits.  The theme of the book is hypnotic.  Simply take every event of the morning, or the previous day and analyze it as if it were a dream. Then relax and free associate to every part oft the dream as Freud suggested, or pretend that every part of the dream is a part of you and dialog with it as Fritz Perls taught. Or for that matter, when you find something interesting, go back into this “dream” and let it finish itself in any way it would like– not necessarily the way the day actually went.

It is a fascinating idea and worth exploring as a means of getting to know your favorite character– you.  The better you know yourself, the better you will understand your characters.
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