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It is the battered children that have the most pain
Later in life.

Does the body grow accustomed to it?
Are we most self-destructive, injured more easily?

But mine was caused by an accident
While I was stopped at a traffic light.

I lost everything—my wife left, taking the business
And our friends. She lied, saying I’d battered her.

When I confronted her, she said, ‘should I have told them
You were gay?” Yes, it would have been the truth.

How on earth did I marry a compulsive liar?
Someone who took valium behind my back.

Someone who hated me when I told her she couldn’t drink.
Now she drinks—she left the husband after me.

The emotional pain—the divorce– lacerated my soul.
I turned to God, desperate and angry.

His mercy kept me alive.
My ex- had left the church, never looked back.

And I found God with an intensity
That took my breath away.

So who won in the divorce?
She got the possessions and friends—

Until a year later when everyone realized
What she had done.

Even the pain becomes an old standby.
I don’t take painkillers, don’t drink.

Even the mood swings have evened out.
God has put good treatments in my life.

I made new friends—closer, richer relationships.
People that like me, not as part of a rich and glamorous couple.

They know about the pain, the insanity, the poverty.
They are fine with it.

Suits me just fine, too.

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