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Three Christmas poems

Christmas poems:

I am not blocked when I write poetry.  I started when I was seven and still write poems every week.  But earlier in my life,  I wrote them every day.  I hope you enjoy them.

It is a little late.  But if Christmas is celebrated for 12 days, then I am under the wire.
Christmas Poems

Into this dark world…

Into this dark world
a babe is born
in innocence and wonder
to once again, give us hope.

Born in an occupied land,
in a stable, homeless
with kings adoring

and murderous soldiers searching
for this King of the Jews
in swaddling clothes
next to donkeys and oxen.

Born in darkness
the world is in some ways always dark,
except for moments of light,
like this Christmas Eve.

Jason Reynolds
December 13, 2016

It is never a good hour….

It is never a good hour
for this Christ child to be born,
or should I say hurled,
into our world:

The political scene is sour,
Presents are unwrapped,
Snow is missing or too much
The world is rushed,

Things undone,
The world scattered,

In a barn
to keep us from harm
The son of God can come
Into this mess,
Our shattered souls
To bless.

Jason Reynolds
December 23, 2016

Neat Trick

You were born two thousand years ago
and would be half-way through your life this year,
but you died for 36 hours, then hung out with friends,
rose to Heaven where you could be with each of us
for the next two thousand years.

Neat trick.

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