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You didn’t come, you were missed.
There was no reason for fear.
No one brought his resume or her investment portfolio.

We now withhold our advice—
We simply accept each one’s breaks—lucky and not so lucky—
Whether we are now rich or poor, in good health or ill.

We seem to be in it together.

Whether it has been pleasure or pain, confusion,
Shame and guilt—or success and joy–
What’s past has been nothing more than hazing.

We all passed, we’re in, and we’re OK.

Whether we found wealth, love or adventure,
Security, God or none of the above,
It doesn’t matter.

No excuses were needed.
All promissory notes were canceled.
Our laughter erased any doubts about fitting in.

We may no longer believe in Fate but looking over our lives
So much of our lives seemed inevitable.
With enough time, too, we see the paradoxes of life:

That within each loss there is a gain,
And within each surrender,
There is an invitation to a fuller life.

When we turn and look ahead, the future is open.
At this reunion, and certainly those in the future:
Simply showing up is a victory for us all.

In the end, everything else will be swept away
Except the love we have for each other.
That’s how it should be—and that’s enough.

Like I said, you didn’t come, you were missed.

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