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Writer's Block - WelcomeAbout

If you are experiencing extreme discomfort when writing or creating, it isn’t your fault.

You aren’t alone and you can find help here.

And if writing is an exhilarating joy, you will also find comradeship here.

In that too, you are not alone.

First we’ll show you several ways to approach writer’s block / creative blocks. The next section will show you the kinds of traps that creative artists/writers get caught up in, and after that, the tools that we find most helpful to get the creative flow going again.

Finally, a list of helpful books and websites.

And, I nearly forgot, two blogs–one for sharing your experience and tactics yourself–and a second one when things are not going well. A rant blog. Please keep in mind, we’ll probably have some high school students use the site.

Most of the site is free–but I would like to make money so I can feel good about spending my time to create, expand and manage the site. In addition to the text files, we have hypnotic trances to encourage prolific writing. That’s how the site got started. I found a psychologist-expert hypnotherapist to put me under and suggest I write the first draft. So I did–and then created the site to help other people like me.

The trances have modest prices. We also have a section for novelists with tip sheets–100 things your characters can do while conversing (to minimize talking heads). Those tip sheets have price tags, but I think you’ll find those helpful. We also link to Amazon and Powell’s so you can order some of the books that we’ve found helpful. We are also arranging to get a referral fee for the books we all buy.

Feel free to write to me if you have ideas. You can reach me at or click here. We want this to become a community of artists/writers sharing their experiences.

Welcome. I hope you find artistic freedom and joy contained within.


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