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Here are Christmas poems that I do every year.



Christ Crucified.

Christ crucified

On a billboard on a highway

From Georgia to Alabama.

God photographs this billboard,

To transport in visions to saints

Like Heloise and other mystics in visions.

That God gathers up the vapors 

From the visions,

And displays them in zero year in

Ancient Israel,

With nowhere to sleep,

Joseph and a very pregnant Mary

Gives birth with animals and kings

To welcome them.

So we celebrate in song and ritual,

Reenacting the story

Replacing the Holy Family

On the frozen streets of Portland. 







The Holy Family

The Holy Family shiver next to a ditch in June 24,1941.

Their final resting place.

Machine gunned in a Ukraine village trench where a pregnant

Mary and Joseph fall in the ditch

Where Jesus squeezes out of

Mary’s womb and cries.

Jews killed by Nazi forces.

The baby is gathered up by

Villagers who raise the child Russian Orthodox.

He struggled against Stalin, writing poetry

Like Akhamanova,  finally picked up

And tortured to death in one NKVD

Russian prison.

His stepmother sits with other mothers

outside the prison:

Praying, giving out flyers,  asking

Other mothers to stand with

In silent protest.



Christmas Poem, 2018

The Christ baby,

The Virgin feeds Him,

Joseph shelters them.

Later God transplants them 

Into the 12th Century where the drama

Is played out in stained glass in

France,  Italy and Germany.

Then in zero year in Israel,

They flee into Egypt

Where the dreadful story begins

Again, ending in His crucifixion.

But today, let us celebrate the

Virgin’s birth,

Of Jesus

The Christ.

Jason Reynolds

December 9, 2018

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