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The importance of daydreams

Jean Houston wrote:

“Very early in life, children are taught to repress and ignore their natural capacities to wonder, dream, fantasize and imagine– some of the riches ways we have of understanding and interpreting reality.”

I like most children was told to stop daydreaming. Dreams, conjecture, fantasies were seen as a waste of time.  Study hard, work hard– without the benefit of the right brain were the lessons of the 1950’s.  Even the quality of the movies have gone downhill since the 1950’s.   TV’s stories which peaked with documentaries, soon abandoned them for police and doctor shows, game shows and vapid comedies.

We do not display the imagination of the South American magic realism displayed in Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. Certainly nothing close to 19th Century Russian literature or Shakespeare.

Yet all art comes from the mysterious place in use that does not necessarily make sense–the unconscious, the birthplace of imagination and fantasy.  I suspect all creativity, including quantum physics comes from that place.

If we demonize or trivialize fantasy and daydreaming, we stop ourselves from understanding our own lives, the emotions and lives of others, and the world around us, including physical science.

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